Attention: Teachers Preachers and First Responders

A Gesture System That Saves Lives

Bridging the Language Gap

1 Class and 10 Languages

How do you get a school full of children where 10 different languages are spoken to communicate collectively? 

Universal Gestures

When the students of a Namibian kindergarten came to school the cacophony of languages made common learning nearly impossible. Universal HandTalk was able to bridge the language (and cultural) gap. 

ATTN: Teachers, Preachers & First Responders

Universal HandTalk's mission is to train those with constant interaction with the public the 48 gestures that can LITERALLY save lives.

Universal Gesture Communication


Universal HandTalk Is Easy to Learn and Use

DID YOU KNOW... there are over 360 languages spoken in the United Stats alone?!

Imagine you're at a school, church, hospital or emergency. 

You have many languages represented.

Some people may be non-verbal or deaf.

Or maybe it's too loud to hear. 

You start talking with your hands, right? 

What if there was a common language, tested in these exact situations, that kept people calm and safe? 

As a teacher, preacher or first responder, Universal HandTalk, a universal gesture language could come in VERY handy.


Customized Programs

Many systems of hand communication already exist, from manufacturing and air traffic control, to healthcare and gangs. Universal HandTalk can be customized to fit your "local language" - whether that's geographic, ethnic, or vocational. 


How to Learn Universal HandTalk

A 4 - hour introductory professional development course for 10 people or less is $1100 with each additional person $110.

Download the Universal HandTalk Pocket Guide

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